I work as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals and also consult privately at Southport, Liverpool, Manchester, and London. In addition, I teach at the School of Medicine, University of Liverpool.

My mission is to provide a quality orthopaedic and spinal opinion with minimal surgical intervention to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore health as humanely as it can be done at the highest value for all concerned. After years of surgical practice, I now specialise in treating people with spine, feet and other musculoskeletal problems without surgical intervention if possible.

Though more than 95% of neck and back pain is not serious, the symptoms can worry you. I handle every case of back and neck pain or any other musculoskeletal issue with a detailed consultation and a thorough examination. Following that, and if needed, I will request investigations like MRI scans.

The greatest gift I can give you is a professional opinion, kindness, love, respect, and help overcome your pain with the right exercise and lifestyle modifications. Hopefully, we can work together and avoid the need for surgical intervention.

When I give with joy, I seem to get back many times more than what I give!!


1) Making you feel at ease
2) Letting you tell your “story”
3) Really listening
4) Being interested in you as a whole person
5) Fully understanding your concerns
6) Showing care and compassion
7) Being positive
8) Explaining things clearly
9) Helping you to take control
10) Making a plan of action with you

The above are parts of the CARE (Consultation and Relational Empathy) protocol. The consultation and relational empathy (CARE) measure: development and preliminary validation and reliability of an empathy-based consultation process measure

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I am recognized by BUPA, Alliance Surgical (Vitality Health), AXA-PPP, Simply Health and all other Private Insurance Companies.

Free From Pain
681, Liverpool Road
Southport PR8 3NS
Pall Mall Medical Centre,
5 St. Pauls Square,
Liverpool, L3 9SJ
Pall Mall Medical Centre,
61 King Street,
Manchester, M2 4PD
Bloomsbury Osteopathic Practice,
99 Judd Street,
London, WC1H 9JB

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I have been in Medico-legal practice for the last 24 years.I provide detailed reports for patients following Personal InjuryWell versed in soft tissue injuries, complex trauma and rehabilitation needs.I have attended court, prepared joint statements, Part 35 questions and prepared reports for agencies, defendants and claimants (Ratio 20% claimant, 5% defendant, 75% SJE)

Abridged Medico Legal CV

Questionnaire for claimants

Sample anonymous report

Complex anonymous report

Sample anonymous joint statement

Publications in legal journals

  1. Sacroiliac joint injury – Missed injury – Link to websiteDownload article.
  2. CONSENT: Getting a second opinion – Link to websiteDownload article.


  1. Four months of leave from work taken six months after an accident. Is this delayed time off work related to the earlier accident or not? A Mathematical model to help with this complex issue.
  2. Can stress from PI claims affect outcomes? A story of secondary victimisation or secondary gain?

Reviews from instructing solicitors

A Solicitor from Glasgow

Mr Ampat produces the most detailed and thoroughly considered reports backed up with the latest research and data. He is the most accessible expert we have worked with – always happy to deal with any queries on his opinions by telephone at short notice.


A Solicitor from Coventry

Mr Ampat’s reports were very thorough and clearly set out my client’s prognosis and future treatment requirements. The reports were prepared in a timely manner and Mr Ampat was happy to answer any additional questions regarding his reports

A Solicitor from Liverpool

Mr. Ampat is very accomplished and knowledgeable Orthopaedic spinal surgeon. He approaches his examination very fair and thorough, my clients always feel like they are being listened too and that they are given accurate well informed advice.

Free From Pain
681, Liverpool Road,
Southport PR8 3NS
Pall Mall Medical
5,St. Pauls Square
Liverpool L3 9SJ
Pall Mall Medical
61,King Street,
Manchester M2 4PD
Bloomsbury Osteopathic Practice
99 Judd Street
London WC1H 9JB
20-23 Woodside Place,
Glasgow G3 7QL
83 Princes Street
Edinburgh EH2 2ER
Regus International House,
George Curl Way
Southampton SO18 2RZ
3rd floor, Cross Keys, 22 Queen St,
Salisbury SP1 1EY
Pine wood, Chineham Park,
Basingstoke, RG24 8AL

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A functional rehabilitation programme aimed at Seniors (over the age of 60). The programme consists of Exercises and a Health Guide incorporating principles of Lifestyle Medicine to Improve Health, Increase Ability and Provide Vitality in Senior Years



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Free From Pain
681, Liverpool Road,
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